I am not ruined
“I am ruination.”

Angelina | Germany | Multifandom

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One full moon, Klaus and my youngest brother Henrik snuck out to watch the men turn into beasts. That was forbidden. Henrik payed the price

I don’t need someone that sees what’s good about me. I need someone that sees the bad and still wants me.
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Aristocrazy 2013

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Did you ever think it might be God.Trying to communicate with you? It’s not G o d.

i love the tfios soundtrack

is there anything better than good movie soundtrack albums i think not



the smarter u are the more men arent funny 


Kestrel’s mouth found his. His lips were salted with her tears, and the taste of that, of him, of their deepening kiss, filled her with a the feeling of his quiet laugh moments ago. Of a wild softness, a soft wildness. In his hands, running up her thin dress. In his heat, burning through her skin, and into her, sinking into him. He broke away, barely. "I havent told you everything"….