woah i just read that Nyssa is back soon on Arrow and that she’s bringing Ra’s Al Ghul with her 

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"Originally, I had Caity in my arms, and I was crying, and walking with her, but obviously that wasn’t in the show, and that happens with timing and stuff, they have to cut stuff, but I actually could carry her, believe it or not. It was really awkward and hard, but it helped my performance."
- Arrow: Katie Cassidy On Season 3, That Death & A Black Canary Future (via arrowladiesdaily)
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i miss rebekah and sara lance and beth greene

why can’t i have my fave ladies on screen

if a better version pops up, would you mind sharing a link? <3 For the life of me I can't find a decent download of TO

so far i’ve only found a normal 720p version but it’s with the CW logo here

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i wanna gif the latest The Originals episode but i think i’m gonna wait until there’s a web dl version

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"They got Beth!"

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"If I was bound for hell let it be hell. No more false heavens. No more damned magic. You hate me and I hate you. We’ll see who hates best."
- The Wide Sargasso Sea, Jean Rhys (via kassapti)


I have enough experience with people being angry with me to know when they’re really angry at something else. You, right now, are not angry at me. What’s your something else?

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❝ Filled with sincere emotions, looking straight forward. Full of pride and those convictions, those eyes is what I love ❞ (insp)

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A N N E    B O L E Y N
↳  1.04 “His Majesty, The King”

"Your Gracious Majesty, it causes me such pain and grief to return the gifts you gave me. Alas, they are too beautiful and I unworthy to receive them. I think I never gave Your Majesty cause to give them to me…since I am nothing and you are everything. Give them, I pray you…to a lady more deserving of Your Majesty’s affections. I am leaving now for my family’s house at Hever. I shall think of you on the journey there. Your loving servant… A n n e   B o l e y n.”

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